Caryn's Philosophy

Art and creativity inspire solutions. Have you ever wrestled with a problem only to find the solution when you stopped thinking about it and did something else... something fun?

Whether it's the adventure in Ancient Pact or the pure relaxation found in coloring beautiful images in a coloring book, that "something else" should be a place to unwind your mind.

All of Caryn's published works inspire creativity and inspiration. Her mission is to bring peace and tranquility to your daily life.

Coloring Books and More

Affirmations, angels and joy can be found in the pages of the coloring books. For adventure, Ancient Pact: The Element of Air is a fun read.

Images on only one side of the paper for beauty and to prevent bleed-through. Art features images of Joy, Love, Angels, Prosperity and more. Find the hidden messages in some. This issue also features 3 free images from future coloring book.


Color for Health

Color these pages from Color for Health printed with images on one side and a short inspirational saying on the other. Hang your finished work of art where you will be reminded every day of the happiness you deserve!

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Ancient Pact: The Element of Air

A few print copies available from Caryn Colgan or on Amazon

What if reincarnation is real and an ancient tribe knew we would need their help?

Next Steps...

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