Favorite Creative Tools

Some artists, including myself, use colored pencils as the art tool of choice. Markers are wonderful but are limited in the amount of shading you can do. They tend to create hard lines that don’t lend themselves to a nice gradient of shading.

I prefer woodless colored pencils because they don’t require sharpening.  If you have ever felt frustration as another tip of a colored pencil breaks, give yourself a treat with woodless options.

Just like wood color pencils, you may need to sharpen the pencils for a finer tip. Another option is to use the side of the tip on larger coloring areas. I will use the side to color large blocks in the background. If the space is large enough I have a sharp tip when I am done.

On occasion, if you press too hard the pencil might break. I don’t mind. The reason: a smaller piece can be easier to handle.